Puppet Slams

We ❤ puppet slams! Puppet slams are cabaret-style showings of short puppet pieces by many different puppeteers. For adults. Did I mention they’re for adults?

A puppet slam is a great place to see new works of puppet theatre, whether you’re looking for something bawdy, funny, experimental, or dramatic. ‘I didn’t know puppetry could do that’ is a common refrain. Yep. Puppet slam=mind BLOWN.

It’s a great way to take risks and perform a new idea that’s been noodling around in your head. Slap something together out of cardboard and recruit a couple friends to perform. Instant genius… or catastrophic failure… either way, there’s usually pizza and beer backstage to celebrate/ soothe your bruised ego.

It’s also a great way to get a bunch of puppeteers from all around the country into one theater. Give puppeteers  stage time in front of an adoring audience, and they’ll be showing up with suitcases full of puppets, or maybe a U-Haul and a dog, before you know it.

We’ve performed in slams  in New York City, Portland, Philadelphia,  New Brunswick,  Atlanta, and probably some other places we’ve forgotten. It’s always a great time with puppet pieces that are “too short to suck”.

Here are some of our favorite shots: