Meet Our Team

We’re the creators of Circus Town, a new, 100% puppet television show. Circus Town introduces kids to physics through the wonder of the circus. Follow Sally Spangles and Gerald the Giraffe on their adventures in Circus Town!

We’re here to show you that physics is everywhere, and physics is fun!

So who are we?


Gina pub shot
Gina Leigh: series creator, designer, writer

Gina is a writer, puppeteer, and teaching artist. She sees writing for puppetry as the best way to expand the possibilities of both art forms. Gina writes for both children and adult audiences. She has puppeteered on two national tours, performed Alfreda the Cheetah in X.Tink.Shun at the Philadelphia Zoo for the Jim Henson Company, and has written and performed for puppet slams around the country. In 2013, Gina was invited to be Writer-In-Residence at the O’Neill National Puppetry Conference, at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center. There, she wrote the full-length puppet play Our Native Chaos: A True Myth For Sarah Fox. Gina holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College and a BFA in Directing, Playwriting, and Production from University of the Arts.


Aaron pub shot
Aaron Lathrop: series puppet designer & puppet captain

Aaron is a puppeteer, designer, actor, and singer. One of his specialties is creating larger-than-life, wearable foam puppets. Aaron has puppeteered on two national tours, he performed the character of Igor the Tiger for X.Tink.Shun at the Philadelphia Zoo by the Jim Henson Company, and he has created creatures large and small for puppet slams. Most recently, Aaron can be seen in Enchantment Theatre Company’s The Brave Little Tailor, a show that tours to underprivileged schools for free. Aaron built two giant puppet-masks, a rhino puppet-mask, many props, and a giant, smoke-breathing, three-person dragon puppet for Tailor.


Annie Pub Shot
Annie Coburn: series director

Anne Coburn’s experience as a writer, director, and producer ranges from fiction to documentary. She is currently the in-house writer and producer for Sundance winning People’s TV, whose branded content work spans from grassroots activist campaigns to Fortune 100 companies. She has worked for Oscar- and Emmy-winning documentarians, and as an independent director and producer of short fiction films, some of which have been seen at festivals around the country. She holds an MFA from American University and a BA from Oberlin College.


HootsFleas Pub Shot
Sean Hoots: series composer, voice of Newton Flea

Sean Hoots is a maker of musics from the land of West Philadelphia.  Perhaps best known for his roots/rock ensemble Hoots & Hellmouth, Hoots has been writing, performing, producing, and recording across a wide swath of genres for over two decades.  Circus Town will be his first physics-based puppet show collaboration, and he couldn’t be happier for the opportunity.


NPO Pub Shot
New Puppet Order: co-producers

The New Puppet Order is the preeminent independent puppetry motion picture company. Films include Ed Is A Portal, Shadow Puppets, The Wind Up Boy, Dark Companion, Monkey Branes, and more.